Formalities for studying in France

Cheguei Paris will accompany you in all the administrative bureaucracies.

Passport and national identity

In France, all non-European foreigners must have a passport and/or visa issued by their country. For foreigners who are part of the European Union, an identity card or passport is sufficient.


There are different categories of visas, depending on the profile of your studies: Short and long term visas, specific visa for scientific research. For more information, please visit the Campus France website. (

For more information you can contact your university, the Alliance Française or access the website France.


Foreign students with a foreign degree, who wish to enrol in the first year in a French university, must “apply for admission” (DAP). This request can be made abroad, in cooperation with the services of cultural action in the French embassies, or in the student centres throughout the French territory. Certain universities and/or courses require a certain level of French. There are several tests such as the TCF, the DILF, the DALF or the DELF.

This formality is required to all students wishing to enrol the first year of University. Students who wish to enrol in a higher course must contact directly the university. Those who want to join in a “Great School”, a Private Institute, a Catholic Institute of Technology or a Technical School, must also contact the school directly.

These centres offer you the possibility of doing the online application and following it in real time. On the other hand, higher education institutions will have access to pre-enrolment of foreign students, without having to send the documentation to France. The student, who pre-enrolled in a French university, can also obtain more easily the residence certification (titre de séjour).

To learn more visit the official site “France Diplomatie”.France Diplomatie.

Financial conditions 

Students who are not eligible for a scholarship from the French government, foreign governments, international bodies and non-beneficiaries of EU programs: you must justify that you have the means necessary to subsist (about 430 € per month). This amount corresponds to 70% of the monthly wage basis, given by the French government to students. (Reference: article14 décret du n ° 99-352 du May 5, 1999)


At your arrival in France you will have to present your documents, confirming your studies project. For more information visit the official website Douane Française.