Study in France

The French educational system is known worldwide. Every year, France receives a large influx of foreign students and the higher education is considered one of the most efficient in the world, covering all aspects of knowledge.

Every year, the government invests more than 20% of their national budget in education. This investment allows students to benefit from:

  • Higher education in all domains and in all levels
  • • A network of 400 universities, institutes and investigation centres, internationally
  • Courses and pedagogies adapted to every personal and professional goal
  • The public system guarantees the quality of the degrees and diplomas, which are recognized internationally. They offer you 4 types of degrees:

    • College degrees
    • Preparation courses (PREPA)
    • Technical Schools

    The degrees are financed in part by the government, and they are available to all students with a high school diploma or an equivalent.

    The higher education in France allows a better quality of life and it is also an opportunity to establish cultural exchanges.